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The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services for Small Businesses

by Jocelyn

An SEO (search engine optimization) specialist and our research and development SEO program is thought to be one of the finest in the search engine optimization sector. We have taken hundreds of websites and internet businesses to the next step. Step one when deciding to initiate an SEO campaign is to do the appropriate research and development to discover how a site is ranked by search engine algorithms. There are many search engines driven by a variety of different algorithms, we have found that the most efficient way of search engine optimization is to utilize search engine optimization services with close direction and directly apply changes to a website with precise and efficient coding. Our SEO group has a vast understanding of website design, website structure and the ability to strongly increase a website with a great link campaign to increase a website’s rankings for the long haul. This method has been proven to be much more successful than using automated software and link building programs. With the appropriate research and direction this method to optimization will efficiently yield a front page rank on major search engines. Many web development and design companies have tight budgets and poor allocation of funds for an internet marketing campaign. This is the reason why our ability to take a small business to the next level is most beneficial for a small to medium sized web business.

Definition of SEO services

SEO can be interpreted into the effectiveness of a website in terms of search engine rankings and positioning in relation to predetermined keywords or key phrases. The process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. This can be divided into two key areas. The first is on-page optimization; this involves making changes to the text and content of the website plus the associated HTML coding. The main aim here is to increase the relevance of the website to the keywords being targeted, also to remove any barriers to the search engine’s indexing activities. Another important aspect of on-page optimization is the increase of keyword-rich content on the site. Off-page optimization is concerned with the creation of changes to the website itself and also the activity that takes place elsewhere on the internet. A prominent method of off-page optimization is link building. This is done by generating a large amount of inbound links to the site. This can be hoped to increase search engine rankings and also to increase the popularity and trustworthiness of the site. One key example of SEO effectiveness can be seen by looking at the scenario of local business. If a small business were to use SEO effectively, e.g., a hairdressing salon in London uses specific London-based SEO. When a potential customer were to search a term such as “top hairdressers,” it is possible for the hairdressing salon to appear high in the search results. This can be ultimately effective in ensuring that the business gets a better return on investment. A model such as Sotavento Medios can offer small businesses specialized and effective SEO so that it can get the best possible performance and improved ROI.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of organized elements used to alter a website so that it is more likely to be found and picked up by the search engines. The primary objective of SEO is to increase the website’s visitor counts by ranking very high in the search results using keywords in the most effective way, utilizing only ethical SEO elements. Specific target markets often require specific types of SEO; this should be understood and incorporated into the website.

Importance of SEO for small businesses

The benefits of SEO services are that it is an inbound marketing strategy, when there are changes from company to consumer (C2C) strategies being implemented and most businesses are selecting this type of strategy. C2C strategies involve paid advertisements, coupons, email marketing or other ways to push a sale on a customer. These techniques are effective (although not as much as they used to be), but they also drive messages to ignore. A lot of people find these strategies annoying, intrusive or overspending. Ranking in a high spot in search engine can lead a consumer who wants to learn about the problem to find your business that has the solution. An inbound strategy is much more effective because it aligns with the user’s intent. Also, it is much more cost-effective to do it this way because you will not exceed your budget with negative results.

In today’s competitive market, SEO marketing is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems. Whether you have a website, blog or online store, implementing SEO can help you provide various benefits.

Cost Savings

Reduced overhead expenses When a small business owner considers all the costs that are involved in hiring an employee, they will find that the salary is only a part of the money spent. Other expenses may include the cost of providing benefits, training, and office space. Moreover, the opportunity cost associated with the time spent on hiring and handling employees can be substantial. Hiring specialized experts, such as an Internet Marketing Manager, can also mean increased salary and training costs. For these small businesses who have considering hiring someone for SEO expertise, there are actually several other costs that might not initially be apparent. Costs such as training, software, and time must be considered and can add up over time. The use of an SEO company can save the small business time and money overall. Access to specialized expertise Small businesses may not have the resources, desire, or expertise to create an in-house SEO department. For these companies, it is important to know that they have an option where they can have the work done by experienced professionals. Unfortunately, building an in-house IT and Internet Marketing department can be costly, and for the small business it is not always a necessity. An SEO company can provide the knowledge and manpower that is necessary for a small business to improve their online search engine rankings. Offering the same expertise and manpower that an in-house IT and SEO staff would provide, for a fraction of the cost. This in itself can be a huge cost-saving option for the small business.

Reduced overhead expenses

One of the most obvious benefits of outsourcing SEO is reduced overhead expenses. Doing SEO with an in-house team can be quite costly, especially if you are a small business or startup. Even if you are an established business, it’s easy to understand how much it costs to maintain an operation and keep high employee retention rates. Now, consider the high costs associated with having to train someone from scratch so they can be proficient in SEO. Then take into account the cost it takes to keep the employee up to speed on all new SEO practices. These are all costs that can add up over time and do not include the cost of the employee’s salary. Now consider your outsourcing options. When you hire an SEO company there are a multitude of different options you can use. Some companies only offer one-time services and some offer a monthly subscription. If you are only wanting to have the company do a specific task with your website for a one-time solution, that is fine. For example, if you are wanting to have a detailed analysis of the things they can do to change your site for increased search engine rankings, you could have that. Most site changes are a result of on-page SEO or SEO done directly to your website. If you are going to have an SEO company do this, this is a good opportunity to pay them to give you a better understanding of what SEO can do for your site. This way, if you like the SEO companies’ suggestions, you can have them do on-page SEO, or you can use the suggestions as a guideline to what you or your team may want to do on your own.

Access to specialized expertise

Another aspect of expertise is the content, whether it involves on-page copy issues or content generation. This is one of the key tasks which can be handled by an expert, preferably outsourcing firms. These content initiatives will often involve knowledge from the Information development field and creating a pool of information that is quite useful for the surfer to educate himself about certain topics. Information developers often have a content methodology in mind and creating a hierarchy as well as a pool of information while targeting certain keywords. When done by a non-expert, the theory would simply involve trial and error tactics. Time may not be effectively used and it may not yield the desired results.

Outsourcing firms offering SEO services often employ experts as well as pool in resources in terms of knowledge sharing and training, combine it with time-tested methods to deliver results and can at times be innovative in using techniques in the best possible way. This would hardly be possible for a small firm. Having an expert wasting time to learn a new initiative may not sound a confident idea to implement it. This may often lead to delay in execution and may not yield the right results. Consulting an expert can avoid this phase and put the initiative on the fast track. Such a situation can be effectively managed by outsourcing SEO.

Small businesses are focused around the skills and core competences of the company. So, most of them rely on their expertise and the time they spend to develop it. Thus, if it comes to talent or expertise, which involves deploying strategic initiatives that are innovative and next to impossible for a non-expert to develop, it is always a wise decision to opt for an expert provided by an outsourcing firm. SEO is such an initiative and when done in-house it can consume much time and requires quite an effort. On the contrary, an expert can make this initiative a truly efficient one and implement the same in less time with better results. Time and money both would be saved at the same time the business will move in the right direction.

Affordable pricing options

SEO outsourcing has a pricing model that’s right for your business. For a small investment, they make your website visible and active on the internet. There are lots of SEO companies that offer services for a variety of companies, but you need to make sure you are getting the service that you need and that you are not paying for what your company doesn’t need. If you do your homework and know what the needs of your company are, a SEO company can recommend the most appropriate package for your business so it’s not an additional cost for things your company doesn’t need. These packages are the most affordable for your needs and you will not incur any hidden costs or extra charges. This helps lower the cost of information marketing for your products and services and lower the company’s overall marketing cost. SEO outsourcing companies provide a high level of service and have all the up-to-date technology and resources which would otherwise be costly to purchase. High-level service comes at a high price, but by outsourcing to a SEO company you can get the same if not better service at a fraction of the cost. Any SEO package provided is cost-effective for your company in the long run and you will see a return on investment as your website climbs the search engine ranks. High-quality service is not sacrificing the business’s financial resources at the expense of the company. SEO companies in North America, Europe, and Australia have a pricing structure too costly for small to medium-sized businesses. Their rates are designed for well-established companies and wide-margin businesses. SEO outsourcing companies have a rate that’s affordable. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that are just plugging into the online market and trying to gain an edge on their competitors.

Improved Focus on Core Business

Through increased resources and providing a sustained approach to the SEO projects, delegating SEO work to an outsourcing company can be the defining factor of a company’s survival and formulation of long-term goals for sales and customer bases.

By delegating SEO work to a professional outsourcing company, a company is increasing its resources and therefore increasing the sustainability of the SEO projects. The resources that were being spent on an in-house SEO can now be redirected into building the company’s sales and customer base, the two main things that are imperative to the survival of the company. SEO projects seldom provide an immediate ROI, and with an increased focus on developing the customer base and sales, the company can now measure the success of the SEO projects through monitoring the statistics and then tweaking the project on an as-needed basis, further enhancing the effectiveness of the SEO projects.

Delegating a task as intricate and time-consuming as search engine optimization can free a company to focus on its core competencies and reduce the opportunity cost of not focusing on its core business. Many small to medium-sized companies are often torn between their business development and the SEO projects. The money can be good, and a steady flow of work from SEO can increase a company’s cash flow. Before they know it, they still have a great product or service, but it is no longer in the forefront of their business, and the sustainability of the SEO work is questionable.

Delegating SEO tasks to professionals

The more a small business owner can delegate tasks and responsibilities, the more valuable is his time to grow the business and increase sales. There are only so many hours in a day and as your business begins to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to juggle all of the various responsibilities involved. In the early stages of business when the owner is also the manager, HR department, accounting, IT and marketing specialist all rolled into one, time management may not seem overly critical. But as the business begins to expand, taking on more complex and time-consuming projects, it becomes much more important to have a clear focus on the tasks that directly affect the growth and profitability of the company. Search engine optimization efforts can be extremely time-consuming, taking up vast amounts of time for research, execution, and analysis of even the most basic of campaigns. By delegating SEO to a professional or a service provider, you can free yourself or your staff from the often mundane and repetitive tasks involved, allowing you to take a more hands-on approach to the strategy and execution in a supervisory role.

More time for strategic planning and growth

SEO professionals are also better at working on a singular task for a long period of time. Entrepreneurs lack this intensely or are working on multiple things simultaneously. What’s more, if an SEO strategy fails after a long time, this may give a serious blow to an entrepreneur, both in terms of finances and motivation because it is something which he has invested his own time into.

By outsourcing their SEO work, they get a big chunk of their work off their hands. This is important because for creating products or services for a business, the entrepreneur needs time and peace of mind. Moreover, SEO is a dynamic field which keeps on changing and implementing new ideas is also a full-time job. An entrepreneur might find that if he were to do SEO part-time, it might cost him much more both in terms of money and man hours, than if he were to outsource the work.

Small businesses are true to the entrepreneur’s vision of starting a business with “your own sweat and toil.” The entrepreneur is always multi-tasking and is extremely possessive about his business. He is under the illusion that if he doesn’t do everything personally, things will not get done or may get messed up. It’s this fear that prompts him to work on things like marketing, where he has knowledge, rather than spending time on core business functions.

Enhanced productivity and efficiency

Outsourcing SEO services, small businesses are relieved from the responsibility of carrying out search engine optimization tasks themselves. This task can be time-consuming and often requires specialist knowledge and skill set that may be better applied to the core business. Effective SEO will also take a load off the potential of the website and/or online business. A business looking to engage a search engine optimization consultant should be prepared to make changes to website architecture and design. This is a necessity if a business wishes to hire a search engine optimization consultant so that the service provider has enough information to get started. It is also a great idea to watch out for search engine optimization companies that service a variety of industries. By doing this, a business can be sure that the service provider has enough knowledge of recent trends in this market and can provide adequate proven results.

Better Results and ROI

When the process of search engine optimization began, the most basic SEO tactics (such as hidden tags and keyword stuffing) could be used to easily improve search engine ranking – often generating results almost overnight. Over time, the various search engines have responded with countermeasures, developed more sophisticated algorithms, and increasingly have regarded different means of online marketing. As the search engine results have changed, so have the SEO techniques required to achieve the best results. Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, the most effective means of online marketing is considered to be creating an outstanding user experience and solid content marketing supported by technical superiority. This strategy is often at odds with small business owners who still expect fast results for little investment. This is where better results and return on investment (ROI) can be realized through outsourcing SEO.

Utilizing advanced SEO techniques

Issues such as poor URL structure, unoptimized anchor text, and “leaky” internal linking can be critical issues that are often overlooked by many small business website owners. These issues can often be the difference in making a first page to the second page search engine ranking and are likely inhibiting the ability of the site to acquire targeted traffic. By identifying these trouble areas and taking the appropriate action to fix them, one can often experience a tremendous improvement in search visibility in a relatively short period of time. This can be a compelling argument for any small business owner who is considering outsourcing for SEO service. Many of these changes can provide a site with an immediate ROI and the opportunity to fairly assess the potential benefits of ongoing SEO maintenance.

Advanced SEO can be both complex and technical. Utilizing advanced SEO techniques can improve the visibility of your website in ways you might not have considered. A recent article on the TopRank SEO blog, “25 Step SEO Master Blueprint,” provides a good explanation of the reasons a site owner should consider implementing advanced on-site SEO techniques. The article points out that with many websites, making a few key SEO changes can have an immediate impact on search engine visibility. Step-by-step instructions for review on basic SEO changes can be valuable for identifying any missed opportunities to optimize a site.

Tracking and analyzing performance

It’s important to have some measurable goals and objectives. Having a clear objective for a site will help to define the who, what, and why when it comes to SEO. Do you want to provide information, a service, sell a product, or anything requiring visitors? Define this objective, as it will help you differentiate between normal browsers and people who are actually looking for what they want. After defining the objective of our SEO campaign, we can now start mapping the path to that objective. This path is what we call a keyword strategy. This is the basics of SEO. The keywords we choose will have a big impact on the outcomes of this campaign. Choosing the right keywords will lead to a high visitor flow, and those visitors that come to the site via these keywords are more likely to achieve the defined objective. In any SEO campaign, it’s necessary to track the progress and results. Do this by starting a date and a baseline to track all the changes that take place. This is a great way to define what’s working and what isn’t. Changing something and its outcome can be measured if it’s better or worse from the start. A great way of tracking success is creating a visual how, such as a simple line graph using Microsoft Excel. This will make it easy to understand the results and easier to change the strategy. Now, to satisfy our defined objective for the business, we need to increase visitor flow to provide information and service to get maximum ROI. Now we’ve exactly to increasing targeted traffic. This is a common goal stating that more traffic equals more potential profit. The next step is to use our selected keywords to generate top search engine rankings. This step can often be the longest and most frustrating, as it’s a constant battle with competitors and changes in search engine algorithms. The key here is to continue with what is being done and be able to adapt to the changes. A good way to track the success of the selected keywords is a higher rankings report. A report such as this one shows the rankings of the selected keywords over time, and it’s easy to compare the results to the effort given. High search engine rankings will result in an increase in visitor flow.

Maximizing return on investment

Small businesses often do not have the resources, expertise, or time to fully optimize their ROI from an internet marketing campaign. Small businesses may be an in-house marketer who wears many hats, working on the same campaigns and projects as the owner. They may often feel compelled to perform low-level tasks that could be easily delegated. Hiring an outside marketing firm can free up the time of these small business employees so they can focus on more important tasks. Time is money, which is why it is important for small companies to get the most out of their marketing investment. Outsourcing an SEO campaign to an SEO firm with a solid reputation can cost more than hiring in-house employees, but it is important to consider its long-term benefits. Do some research before choosing an SEO firm and make sure they use white-hat techniques. When a good SEO firm has proven success, taking into consideration the value brought into the business compared to the total amount spent, it is clear that higher profits will be accomplished and can be easily justified the costs. With a good outsourcing model, it is very possible to double or triple the return on investment. This is the most defining reason for companies to outsource and has the strongest impact on the decision to outsource.

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