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What Are The Features To Look For In Your Rental Wheelchair?

by Jocelyn

Are you in need of rental wheelchair support for some days or months? You will easily get it from medical equipment service providers or suppliers. But you must be aware of the crucial features of the wheelchair rental Dubai to make the right purchase that needs your support.

There may be multiple reasons to rent a wheelchair, such as preferring to try out a wheelchair before making a final purchase, needing a wheelchair for rehabilitation or recovery from a recent injury or surgery, or needing a temporary lightweight wheelchair for travel purchases. Regardless of these reasons, finding the best fit and function of wheelchairs is most important. Here is a list of features to look out for when renting this medical equipment in Dubai:

Check Out The Available Accessories In The Wheelchair

When renting a wheelchair, the customization level may be limited as other users already may have subsequently used it. So, the rental wheelchairs are often simple with minimal customization features. Therefore, the wheelchairs you rent are often very simple. However, you will also luckily get wheelchairs on the rental market from various suppliers that are compatible with a wide range of accessories. This can make your ride more comfortable. You can rent a wheelchair range with interchangeable accessories. For example, a kids’ wheelchair can be compatible with different footrests and armrests to offer the ultimate comfort.

Foldable Features In Rental Wheelchairs

One of the most common desirable features of a wheelchair among patients is a foldable feature. Foldable wheelchairs are quite easy to transport and store when they are not in use. You will easily find both manual and powered wheelchairs that can be foldable to fit anywhere. You can store the equipment in your car’s trunk, inside the bed, or at any place. Nowadays, you may also find the latest model of foldable power wheelchairs that come with removable components to facilitate mobility. This amazing feature is highly desirable when you are renting a wheelchair for travel, especially for senior elders.

Wheelchairs With Crash Test Approved

Safety should be the major concern when you are purchasing a wheelchair. If you are purchasing a wheelchair online, you can check out the description of the safety considerations and approvals. There are wheelchairs that undergo crash tests as per international safety standards and regulations. This shows that the wheelchair is highly suitable for transporting patients as a car seat.

Make sure the wheelchair you have rented is equipped with safety aids such as tie-downs and occupant restraint systems. However, these should be carefully installed in accordance with the user manual to ensure that the user can move safely in the wheelchair without any safety issues. So, if you plan to use the rental wheelchair in your car, the wheelchair must be crash-tested and approved at any cost.

Wheelchairs With Positioning And Pressure Relief Features

In some cases, patients will need a rental wheelchair for quick rehabilitation and recovery after their injury treatment or surgery. In such a situation, you can go for a multi-position wheelchair that comes with proper back support. This will be a great aid in promoting a quick recovery. You will find a manual positioning wheelchair that is equipped with both foldable and reclining features. This further allows the patient to take a necessary break and reduce pressure on their lower back when sitting in a wheelchair for a long time.

It is easy to find a 2-in-1 wheelchair that comes with both reclining and tilting position features. This will extremely relieve pressure in both the positions of the patients. When you recline the backrest, it relieves pressure on the lower back, while the tilting position will shift the center of gravity and uniformly redistribute pressure all over the body.

Price of Rental Wheelchairs 

The rental wheelchair price varies based on the wheelchair type. So, depending on the type, you must consider your budget estimation. The types are Electric wheelchairs, Commode wheelchairs, Manual wheelchairs, and Special wheelchairs. With extra optional features and customizable options, the price will increase eventually. Therefore, first, consider the type and features and set a budget.

Final Thoughts 

Checking out the features before making the purchase of the wheelchair rental in Dubai will be beneficial for you. So, make sure to go through the complete featural description to ensure that it meets your regular requirements. If you are ready to purchase, contact Bridgeway Medical Systems.

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