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BBQs 2u has Got for You One of the Premium Grills – Kamado Joe BBQs

by Jocelyn

BBQs 2u has made barbequing easy for people in UK. They have those perfect barbeques that are good quality and easy to use, even for beginners.

They sell brands like Kamado Joe BBQs, Napolean barbecues, Masterbuilt Gravity series, Whistler BBQs & outdoor kitchens, and many more. They sell products at the best competitive price online and in-store.

Kamado Joe BBQs

One of the most popular brands that BBQs 2u sells is the products of Kamado Joe BBQs. They are made in an innovative style inspired by the ancient technique where the air flows through the ceramic body and comes out of the vented dome.

They are made of ceramic material that gives meat or vegetables a rich and smoky flavour.

They have many different ranges of products, and one of them is the Kamado Joe Big Joe BBQs. This series of grills has a 24- inches cooking space, enabling you to cook for a bigger crowd.

It is a unique, durable, and flexible product for cooking. Two of their most used models are the Kamado Joe Big Joe 2 and 3 series.

Kamado Joe Big Joe 2

This product has the same features as the traditional ones: unique features, innovative accessories, and a good cooking space.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe II has a thicker wall to retain heat more efficiently. If you pre-heat it, the griller can cook at a high or a low temperature until you have the charcoal or oxygen in it.

Kamado Joe grills have their names from Japanese cooking appliances fuelled with wood or charcoal. They are made of clay or ceramic that can look egg-shaped and are very similar to the tandoor.


The following are the features of this product:

  • Powder-coated galvanized steel cart and locking wheels.
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Finished folding HDPE side shelves/ handle
  • A flexible cooking surface that can be divided and used. It allows you to cook food items at different levels and on other cooking surfaces.
  • The Kontrol tower top vent is made of aluminum. It is rust-proof and works well in every climate. It also has a top vent that allows proper airflow.
  • Self-activating stainless latch for an air-tight seal.
  • Two half-moon heat deflectors
  • Air lift hinge that can reduce the weight of the dome
  • AMP firebox
  • Fibreglass Wire Mesh gasket
  • Ash tool
  • Slide-out ash drawer
  • Grill gripper

The technical specifications of this product are:

  • Dimensions: 127cm Width x 137cm Height x 79cm Depth
  • Cooking area: 2923 sq. cm/ 61cm diameter
  • With grill expander: 1031 square cm
  • With Grates (two sets): 1290.32 square cm
  • With both grates and grill expander: 2619 square cm
  • Weight: 179 Kg
  • Heat range: 82°C to 399°C

Buying a Kamado Joe product from BBQs 2u is a good deal for you because they are elite dealers of Kamado Joe products. BBQs 2u is the first to get all the Kamado Joe products, which they sell online and in-store.

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