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An Eaton VFD Commitment to its Customers

by Jocelyn

Eaton Variable Frequency Drives, or VFDs, have a long-standing reputation for what is needed in critically important operations and primary industrial system management. Because Eaton has the same high-quality principles and expectations in its own operations, similar expectations are applied to Eaton VFD products, delivering the dedicated level of performance to its customers that Eaton expects of itself every day.

Eaton is Constantly Improving

Consistent with changing conditions and increasing market demands, Eaton has continued to keep improving its VFD line as well to produce more, perform better, and handle higher environmental criteria as well. This partnership with our customers and market continues to push Eaton into better and better ranges of performance every year. And it’s also the reason why we regularly tell the market not to settle for less. There’s no need. Whether Eaton or competitors, high quality VFDs should always be the expected norm, especially given how much capital equipment and systems rely on their consistent delivery of management control when it matters most.

Modern Manufacturing Requires Smart Automation

Automation is a given today in most manufacturing. Robots, computerized management, networks and production systems are the norm. Long gone are the days of any kind of manual operation, especially with the speed and efficiency expected from competitive orders. As a result, VFDs are essential to the 24/7 monitored operation with sufficient control to keep production within acceptable tolerances but at the same time pushing maximum output when possible. That includes the ability to deal with variation in demand versus just straight production flow at a consistent, static target level.

The highest standard available involves what is known as “best in class,” an industry-evaluated benchmark reserved for the best products industry-wide. Eaton has consistently earned this status for its VFDs, oftentimes creating the new benchmark for the best of the market to try to match versus the other way around. That means Eaton VFDs essentially provide everything a customer needs in a top of the line VFD versus other options that may be lacking as substitutes.

Essential Support Made Personal

Seagate Controls, as a provider and authorized dealer of Eaton VFDs, provides our clients with the full package of support in addition to the already-known high standard of the Eaton VFD itself. This comes in the form of professional specialist guidance on Eaton products, help with installation design and comparative analysis of performance change versus gap analysis on a current system, full support for acquisition and installation, and a long-term partnership in ongoing support and troubleshooting after the fact as well. At the same time Eaton addresses the VFD goals for multiple needs, whether that means providing powerful VFDs that take up the least amount of physical footprint as possible, or robust systems that even the harshest operating conditions are easily met and exceeded if necessary.

With all of the above technical service portfolios matched to Eaton’s VFD benchmark, it’s no surprise clients keep coming back to Seagate Control and Eaton for more in the VFD world. Industrial expectations today demand this level of performance, and Eaton provides it without question every time, all the time. Try Eaton’s VFD line for yourself. Our specialist team can show you how. Call us today at Seagate Controls!

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